Gedung Arsip Nasional
Jakarta, Indonesia

Project: Gedung Arsip Nasional
Main Contractor: Decorient & Ballast Nedam JO
Client: Stichting Comité Cadeau Indonesië
Contract period: Aug 1997 – Sep 1998

Scope of work:
Renovation Works

Contract sum: EUR 1.3 million

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia’s independence, the Dutch business community collected funds for the restoration of the 250-year-old former governor’s residence, now known as Arsip Nasional. The funds of this gift to Indonesia were managed by a special foundation, called Stichting Comité Cadeau Indonesië.

The restoration contract was awarded to a joint operation of PT BAM Decorient Indonesia and Ballast. Considering the non-commercial intentions of the foundation and the limitations of the budget,

The former residence (1760), one of the few preserved examples of colonial building in Jakarta’s city centre has through the years been used for a variety of purposes, including that of housing the National Archives. After the archives were moved to a modern building on the outskirts of Jakarta, however, the building was no longer maintained. The floods that regularly submerge the area added to the degradation of the building.

The restoration included reparations of many of the beautiful ornaments, doors, windows and structural beams. Seriously mouldered wood was replaced with good quality old wood reclaimed from other buildings. The building’s walls and floors were treated intensively, and flood resistance was achieved through landscape restorations including an ingenious drainage system.

Open-minded and constructive deliberation with the Stichting and the consultants guaranteed smooth progress and optimal application of funds. On 1 November 1998, a completely restored Arsip Nasional could be handed over to the owner.