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People from different backgrounds, cultures, and generations with different set of skills and experiences blend well in decorient. With the Dutch – Indonesian culture as our root, we are straightforward with each other and dislike bureaucracy. It helps that the company have a flat organisation with short communication lines. 

Transparency and open communication are embraced as they are foundations to Trust. It’s better to admit mistakes early than hiding them. Being truthful is a must to become a part of decorient family. We respect each other and give people chance to grow in the company. As we were part of European leading construction company for 50 years, the knowledge and standards remain in the company to help our people development.

As we aim to be the best in the market, we always challenge our colleagues to enrich their knowledge and improve their skills. We believe that learning is never ending, whether you’re at the start of your career or you presumed that you have reached the peak. We believe that every day will provide you a new challenge in the company. Enjoy the dynamics of construction industry, moving from one project to another, with different challenges, different team, different locations, different shape of buildings and structures, you’ll never get bored!

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Start your day with a cup of coffee, greet your colleagues to brighten up your day. Plan your tasks daily and make a checklist of your objectives’ delivery. Talk to anyone you need at work openly, collaborate to solve issues and speak out when you find one. 

Sometimes you will find disagreements in approach to solve issues, which is normal in office or construction site. As long as there is Trust, we believe disagreement and healthy conflict actually lead to a better solution, stronger commitment of the team and at the end it will make everyone accountable to the result. Collective goals when they are achieved, will bring collective satisfaction to all members of the team.

In construction, and especially in decorient, no day is the same which keeps it interesting!


Tafira Oktiani

Tender & Business Development Officer

Rudy Deyna Kurniawan


Novie Yulianti

Finance & Accounting Manager

Ade Hendro Ma'ruf

BIM Modeler

Naomi Doloksaribu

Legal Corporate Officer

Arifin Tendiran

Senior Procurement Officer

Theresia Christianti

QHSE Corporate Officer


Project Administrator

Sarah Salsabila Indriani

BIM Engineer

Arif Basuki

Project Control Manager

Haris Setiawan

BIM Engineer


Project Manager

Stephanus Chandra

ICT Engineer

Freddy Antonius

Architectural Engineer

Ilham Kurniawan


Novi Ramayadi

Procurement Officer

Indrajat Mulyana

Engineering Manager

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If you wish to have an enriching career in construction business, embracing the latest best practices and keeping up with the innovation, you’re welcome to join us.