Philips Light & Glass Factory
Surabaya, Indonesia

Project: Philips Light & Glass Factory
Client: PT Philips Ralin Indonesia
Contract period: Jan 1994 – Nov 1995

Scope of work:
Construct Only

Contract sum: US$ 9 million

Decorient outlined a systematic work schedule and commenced the piling of two buildings one month after the project had been awarded. Decorient undertook the construction of the lamp factory prior to the construction of the glass factory.

When the Indonesian branch of the worldwide leading manufacturer of tubular lighting and lamps, Philips Ralin Electronics contracted Decorient for the relocation of the production facilities, the main priority was to complete the factory as soon as possible.

Despite the complicated engineering work involved Decorient managed to speed up the construction enabling the first lamp production equipment to be installed on time. This was followed by the construction of the support facilities, incoming and outgoing warehouses, a laboratory utility building, offices, a canteen and co-operative facilities. The schedule enabled production to commence in the new lamp factory three months before overall completion of the factory facilities in June 1995.

At the completion of the lamp factory the construction of the glass factory had already began. It was completed in less than eight months. The factory was able to start commercial production in August 1995.